Cosmic Blue 22:22 Activation

$22 offer: Sign up by Tuesday Sept. 26!!!

Break Down Your Blocks & Manifest Your Divine Gifts in the Physical World

Facilitated by Kian Xie & the Cosmic Blue Crew


Do you remember why you're here?

You've been given a special role here on earth to help others as we navigate times of shift and change, but maybe you've been feeling blocked in that arena. Either the world is pushing back at you, or you feel like your efforts are going nowhere. Or maybe you know you want to help people in a bigger way, and are ready to... but something within you is holding you back.

How do you break through these blocks and fully give all that you have to give... easily and joyfully, without even having to try?

If you're spiritually connected, you have probably been receiving downloads in the form of new energies, feelings, messages, repeating numbers, symbols, and other patterns. These downloads are here to let you know you're here for a purpose - no accidents - and you have a divine role to play. But for some, it's hard to process, clarify and organize these downloads as they come in, especially in the midst of earthly turmoil, conflict and chaos. How can you act now, and keep your focus? It's time to make some big decisions... and bring your hidden gifts to the real world in a way that can ease the shift and bring us all to a place of peace and harmony. This $22 offer - a live, online, interactive experience - is meant to help you do just that, starting with the most important relationship you have - your relationship with yourself.

The Cosmic Blue 22:22 Activation is intended to help you:  

  • Connect more strongly with your intuition/inner knowing
  • Ground yourself in material reality while staying true to your higher self
  • Unearth and unlock your ability to overcome any hidden blocks to your personal progress
  • Clear and strengthen your voice so you can communicate truthfully and powerfully with those who need to hear you

This activation will be channeled live in a secret Facebook group on Tuesday, September 26, at 22:22 (10:22 PM) Eastern Time. If you are interested in receiving it, there are two levels of registration: General Admission - $22: Includes access to the Facebook livestream activation on 9/26/17, plus downloadable replay video (in case you can’t make it live, or wish to re-experience the activation at any time). VIP Admission - $111: Includes access to the livestream and replay PLUS a one-hour, private session with Kian ($120 value) where you will receive open-book channeled guidance on how you can use this activation to address your specific challenges, questions and personal mission.

How It Works

Signing up: After your payment is received, I will contact you within 24 hours via email and FB Messenger with information on how to attend, as well as an invite to the secret Facebook group specifically for the activation. If you can make it live, that is optimal as your presence will influence the energies being channeled, but if you’re unable to attend live, the replay will be made available shortly after the livestream has ended, and you will be sent a download link so the video can be yours to access anytime you need it.  

If you sign up for the VIP option, I will reach out to you to schedule our private session.  

During the livestream: The activation process is expected to take about 30 minutes, during which Kian and the Cosmic Blue Crew will walk you through the steps of the activation. You will be given a few simple, clear instructions that will enable you to fully receive the energies and messages that will be channeled. During the livestream and afterwards, you will be able to ask questions in the FB group and get support for your experience integrating the activation.  

Afterwards: For 3-5 days after you receive the activation, you may notice subtle - or not-so-subtle - shifts in your awareness and life. Inspiration may flow more readily, you may find yourself more easily communicating your truth to others, and you will be able to see more clearly regardless of what external stimuli are occurring around you. Things that seemed stuck or slow before may loosen and speed up. You may set an intention for a specific circumstance to manifest, and to be guided to finding the clearest, simplest, and least stressful solutions to your problems. Your ability to make decisions is likely to clarify, enabling you to make decisions that are easy, joyful and liberating.  

If you feel the need to repeat the activation process, you will be able to watch the replay video and reengage yourself in the process as often as you would like.  

Disclaimer: As with all psychic services we provide, this activation is not meant to be a substitute for medical treatment, clinical therapy, legal advice or tax advice. We offer no guarantee of specific material results. Your experience will be unique to you, depending on your personal choices and what situations are in alignment for you at the time you receive the activation. Ultimately, the value you gain from this activation is up to you - and it is our commitment as facilitators to provide you with the highest level of service that we can so you can be empowered to receive it!

With love,

Kian & the Cosmic Blue Crew

Reveal Your Truth ◆ Direct Your Path ◆ Open Your Gifts 🎁